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Spirit Energy EFT

Timothy Ryan Ph.D.D.Div.

Are You Stressed Out?

Do you have difficulty coping with stress
in some area of your life?

Do you suffer from exhaustion
obsessive worry, insomnia?

Medical Costs are sky rocking and most mental health therapy can take years without making much progress.In our stressful world of hectic, fast pace change we need something as fast and effective.Something that can help us cope with the extreme stress we deal with on a day-to-day basis.

Do you have physical symptoms that

don't seem to heal?

Did You know 95% of

Diseases Are Caused By Stress!!

Do you have difficulty coping with some

area of your life?

Are there areas in your life that you avoid

because of painful memories

from the past?

Is your life becoming more and more out of balance?

If you do I can help.

Hello, my name is Dr. Timothy Ryan and I want to share with you state of the art techniques to help you discover a fast track to peace. I specialize in Spirit Energy EFT ™ a easy to learn concrete tool to relieve stress fast and return you to your health and vibrant self.

I offer concrete skills that will give you immediate relief, insight and access to positive resolutions to give you new resources to create a whole new perspective. Our approach is to help you learn, stress relief skills and practical tools that you use right away to help you move forward with expanded awareness to live your life you were meant to live instead of the life you resigned yourself to live.

I have been a holistic healer for many years and use a variety of techniques, to help individuals, couples and families learn effective ways to experience relaxation, happiness and peace. Make an appointment today first 20min no charge and I will show you a way to clear negative situations and emotions to create health, vitally and confidence.

As a Solution-Focused Relationship Expert, NLP Trainer, EFT Master and Energist, my goal is to help you remove blocks to your success. Whether you have blocks to your health, wealth, or relationships, NLP and EFT (just two of many techniques) can help you uncover your true potential and empower you to live a life that is worth celebrating.

I can show you a way to have more energy, better health and create more passion and aliveness in your relationships.In a very few sessions you will see dramatic changes and be able to live life more fully than you ever imagined.

If you’re ready for change, I’m ready to show you a way through to the other side.

In just a few sessions you will learn how to dissolve conflict, empower your relationships and transform your experiences to help you find better ways to give and receive love.

I’m committed to helping you uncover your true potential to become your best self with your best relationships and celebrate the best life ever.

Call today 949-250-1423

Ask for a free 30 minute session to experience if my approach is right for you.

Did you know that untreated stress over time
can become a silent killer?

Do you have physical symptoms that don’t seem to heal?

Are there areas of your life that you avoid dealing with because of a sense of dread that is constantly hanging over you?

Did you think that stress is just a personality type and there was nothing you could do about it?

Did you know stress is a learned habit? Did you know that stress results from maintaining a particular belief system?

Did you know that most people who are stressed lived in families who never resolved their stress?

Was either of your parents a “worrier?”

You may be unconsciously carrying other people's
stress and don't know it.

Spirit Energy EFT Healing Therapy &Training Courses are dedicated to helping you regain your own person power, come into your heart, live consciously, and join with others in experiencing a world where everyone's needs matter.

Spirit Energy EFT will:

* Enable you to heal emotional wounds & trauma
* Help you release emotional baggage
* Assist in relieving illness
* Support you to overcome panic attacks & anxiety
* Help depression
* Help relieve pain
* Improve self-esteem
* Help with relationship difficulties
* Assist in breaking of addictions
* Improve fatigue symptoms
* Find ways to clear fears & phobias

Spirit Energy EFT™ is a new healing method and system for pinpointing and clearing our negative emotions and beliefs by helping you to find them, clear them and replace them with positive ones.

The basis of Spirit Energy EFT ™ is the understanding that everything that we experience on every level whether spiritual, emotional, or physical is created by our core emotions and beliefs.

We all know that we carry around emotional baggage with us from past experiences in life’s ups and downs.

We also all know that our Health is more important than anything else in life. Without this nothing else is fully possible. Yet most of us limit our growth and development by failing to look after ourselves properly, not just on a physical level but with a healthy ‘state of being’ emotionally, in order to truly achieve balance in mind, body and spirit.

We are generally not consciously aware of these core beliefs, which can be deeply rooted and hidden in our subconscious.
Much like a virus run’s in a computer, our negative emotions & beliefs are automatically running within our subconscious, creating glitches & problems in our life.

We can’t successfully re-write this programming on an intellectual & conscious level for any length of time, instead what is needed is for the healing to take place on an emotional level.

It is these negative beliefs that are creating the problems and blocks that are limiting our lives in a variety ways, stopping us from becoming who we really are and fulfilling our highest potential!

Make an appointment - 949-250-1423

Reduce your stress, recharge your body, revitalize and empower your world tomorrow..